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I offer services at every stage of immigration. Initial petitions like visas, Family Petitions, and VAWA are the beginning of the application process on the path to a greencard. There are many other programs, such as NACARATPS, and asylum, that may lead to a greencard or protective status so that you are protected from deporation and returning to your country.  
If you have a case in Immigration Court, I can help with getting you or your loved one released on a bond. After the bond hearing, we work together to file applications for relief with the Immigration Judge. Applications commonly filed in Immigration Court are Cancellation of Removal, Asylum, NACARA, and Adjustment of Status. Many times, the Immigration Judge can grant a greencard.
Once your case is approved for a greencard, or if you are already a Lawful Permanent Resident (you have a greencard), I offer services to maintain your status as an LPR. I can help you with greencard renewals, removing conditions on a 2 year green card, correcting mistakes on your greencard, and replacing lost greencards.
If you are an LPR (lawful permanent resident), you may qualify to become a citizen of the United States. There are many benefits to being a United States citizen. While your naturalization may be the last stage of your immigration, it could be the first step in applying for a family member.
If your applications are denied, an Appeal may be an option. I handle CIS (formerly INS) Appeals, Appeals from the Immigration Judge to the BIA (Board of Immigration) Appeals, and 9th Circuit Appeals.
Nothing on this website is meant to be or may be construed to be legal advice. The information contained on this website may not apply to every case or your case. Individual circumstances vary greatly, and all circumstances affect each other. You should consult an attorney if you are considering filing an Immigration Petition or a Bankruptcy to get specific advice about your particular circusmtances.
We are a debt relief agency. We help people file for Bankruptcy under the U.S. Bankruptcy Code.
Deciding whether to file Bankruptcy is a difficult decision to make, and it often seems like a last resort. As your advocate, I provide complete information about the advantages and disadvantages of filing for Bankruptcy, so you can make an informed decision about what is right for you.
Chaper 7 or "Straight Bankruptcy" may be an option if you have mostly credit cards, medical bills, or judgments. This type of bankruptcy wipes your debt away. A Chapter 7 is best when you have mostly unsecured debt. Taxes, student loans, and child support arrears are generally never eliminated through a bankruptcy.
Chapter 13 or "Wage Earner" is a repayment plan that works toward eliminating your debt through set monthly payments to your creditors. Remainng debts at the end of the repayment plan are eliminated. If you are behind on your car payments or mortgage, Chapter 13 can help you keep your assets and get your payments back on track.
If Bankruptcy is not right for you, and you would only like to improve your credit score, there are many options for you. I am successful at disputing and removing negative items from your credit report. Sign up for a monthly subscription service until your credit score improves.
Rebuilding your credit is not as hard as it sounds. Even if you decide to file Bankruptcy, you can begin rebuilding your credit in as little as 18 months after filing. After all, once your debt has been discharged, you have nearly perfect credit.
Keep your House!
Keep your Cars!
Stop Harassing Phone Calls!
Stop Collections!
Stop Foreclosure!
Keep what you have worked hard for!
Beat the Creditors at their Own Game!
Improve Your  Credit Score! 
Permission to work lawfully in the United States is a major concern. In most cases, I can help you get a work permit while your case is pending. In some cases, you are not even required to pay the $380 filing fee. Ask me if your case qualifies!
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